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New Mexico State University-Main Campus
2850 Weddell Street
Las Cruces, NM , 88003-8001
Phone: (505) 646-0111
Interim President Waded Cruzado
Founded in: 1888
Campus Size: 900
Student Faculty Ratio: 19 to 1
Entrance Difficulty: Moderately difficult
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Room & Board Tuition Fees

Past Performance

Learning Disability


Financial Aid Phone: (505) 646-4105
 Admissions Phone  : (505) 646-3121

Campus Description: 

General Information:

Full Time first time students required to live on campus:  No
On Campus Housing:
Dorm Capacity: 3509
Provides Board Meal Plan: Yes- number of meals in the maximum meal plan offered
No. Meals per Week: 18

Students Living On Campus:
Students from Out of State: 
Freshman Returning for Sophomore Year:

Room & Board Charges:

Room Charges for 1 year on Sharing with 1 Person:  $3628
Board Charge for 1 Year:  $2710
Total On Campus Room Board:  $8044
Total Off Campus Room Board:  $8044
On Campus other Expenses:  $3987
Off Campus Other Expenses:  $3987

Total Cost of Living On Campus:

Total Cost of In District Living on Campus:  $18896
Total Cost of In State Living on Campus:  $18894
Total Cost of Out of state Living on Campus:  $31335

Total Cost of Living Off Campus:

Total Cost of In District Living off Campus:  $18896
Total Cost of In State Living off Campus:  $18896
Total Cost of Out of State Living Off Campus:  $31335
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